Touch Points

Fresh is in. We’ve gone from local to global in everything from food to phones. But Locavores are those heading back to local markets and organic farmers, such as Garrick Veenstra. With touchscreen devices, the local experience is going retro while remaining open to the globe. Tribalmedia creates software that is part art and science. We bring design and engineering to create outstanding organic touch and natural interfaces.


Cutting Edge

When one of the largest professional service firms needed their own suite of apps, including a dedicated travel portfolio on iPad and iPhone for each partner, we helped build "Edge Folio" from the ground up working closely with their IT department and the lead partner. The result? A robust travel compendium at your fingertip featuring one of the most refined and elegant interfaces rivaling those on the app store. Welcome aboard. What’s your destination?

Cutting edge

Feed the Monster

And you thought we only did cutting Edge corporate apps. Think different. Feed the Monster is a playful app designed to stimulate and engage your little one's mind. Learning the alphabet is no longer drudgery with this creative, colorful educational game will teach you letters, numbers, and yummy foods. This is way better than watching another episode of Dora while you finish your glass of wine at dinner. Coming Soon!

Feed the monster




tribalmedia is a small group of forward thinking sun enjoying folks. We are equally happy with numbers and pictures. We play with all styles of code and all different kinds of art. Oakland is our vibe and our home.

Feed the monster


Our focus is the art and science of modern apps. We are a full service shop. Because we understand human behavior and how people interact and gesture with others, we design, engineer and build mobile, iPad, and web apps that behave like you and your users expect.